Why PopSockets

When it comes to branding, we'd argue that nothing could compete with the backside of a device. Here's why: the average person engages in 8000+ public phone calls and text messages a year. That's a lot of impressions. In fact, it's more impressions than the SuperBowl delivers. And way less millions of dollars. Win – win.

Watch the video below to see a PopSocket in action.


Shipping & Processing

Can I resell my promotional PopSockets grips order?

Promotional PopSockets grips are to be used exclusively as giveaways; only authorized vendors are permitted to resell PopSockets grips. If you're interested in reselling PopSockets grips, please contact support@popsockets.in.

Where are PopSockets grips manufactured and printed?

The individual PopSockets grips pieces are manufactured in China. Your custom logo will be printed at the PopSockets production facility in Boulder, CO.

How long will It take to get my order?

It will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks from the time the order is placed to when it is delivered.

How much is shipping?

Ground shipping within India is free.

Do you ship internationally?


Can I order less than 100 units?

No. We have a strict minimum order of 100 pieces.

Other Questions

What are your payment terms for domestic orders?

Your order will be invoiced to you at the time of shipment, at which time full payment is expected. We prefer check or bank transfer, but we also accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

What are your payment terms for international orders?

Payment is due in full before time of shipment.

Will my customers like PopSockets grips?

Is the sky blue? Yes, the odds are high that your customers will love PopSockets grips -- a typical comment from our customers after using PopSockets grips for a couple days is, "I'll never go back to using my phone without a PopSockets grip."

I am an ASI/PPAI distributor for promotional products. Do I get special pricing?

Contact support@popsockets.in for more info.

What color options can I choose from?

Standard production uses an off-white button, or a black button. The accordion and platform can be either white or black. Orders of 10,000+ units may qualify for additional customization.